Sensory-Friendly School Holiday Activities: Creating Memorable Moments for Every Child

School holidays offer a wonderful opportunity for children to unwind, explore, and engage in activities they enjoy. In this blog, we'll explore a range of sensory-friendly activities specially curated to ensure every child can have a memorable and enjoyable school holiday experience.

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Sensory-Friendly Crafting

Engage your child's creativity with sensory-friendly crafting activities. Opt for projects that involve a variety of textures and materials. Crafting not only stimulates the senses but also encourages self-expression and fine motor skills development.
Fine Motor Skill Toys & Activities


Nature Exploration

Spend time outdoors and connect with nature during the school holidays. Encourage your child to explore different natural elements, such as feeling the texture of leaves, listening to the sounds of birds, and observing the changing colours of flowers. Nature offers a calming and therapeutic environment for sensory exploration and relaxation.


Sensory-Friendly Movie Nights

Transform movie nights into sensory-friendly experiences at home. Choose movies with gentle storylines and soothing visuals to create a relaxed atmosphere. Create a cosy movie-watching space with soft blankets and cushions, and dim the lights to reduce sensory input. Consider providing sensory toys to help your child stay engaged and focused during the movie.
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Sensory Play with Food

Engage your child's senses through sensory play with food. Encourage them to explore different textures, tastes, and smells while cooking or baking together. Simple activities like kneading dough, mixing ingredients, or decorating cookies can provide enjoyable sensory experiences.
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Sensory-Friendly Games and Activities

Organise sensory-friendly games and activities that cater to your child's sensory preferences. Play games that encourage movement, such as Simon Says or freeze dance, to promote motor skills development. Consider using sensory toys to enhance tactile stimulation and engagement.
Imaginative Play


School holidays are an ideal time for children to relax, explore, and engage in sensory-friendly activities that cater to their unique needs. By incorporating crafting, nature exploration, movie nights, sensory play with food, and sensory-friendly games into your holiday plans, you can create memorable experiences that foster relaxation, creativity, and sensory development for every child. We hope you and your child enjoy the school holidays together in a sensory-friendly environment.

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