Tangle Creations: The Best Sensory Fidget Toys for Your Kids

It's been researched that 40% of mental health disorders in Australia are diagnosed as anxiety or depression, with ADHD and autism following next as the most common. So an anti-stress device that has endless uses is an essential sensory tool.

Now, if you're a parent of a little one, you want to give them the proper nourishment and support to continue leading healthy lives and grow their special powers. However, sometimes the simplest solution is the best for their creativity.

A tangle jr is not only great for soothing anxious children, but it provides excellent sensory stimulation for children with special needs through continuous motion. 

If you're interested in what these tangle creations can do, their benefits, and where to find them, then keep reading this article to learn about their different purposes. 

What Are Tangle Creations?

Tangle creations is a type of movable sculpture sensory toy designed for children on the spectrum. They often look like wriggly worms, come in different sizes and colours, and are full of twistable energy. 

Your child has most likely spotted a tangle jr or other fidget toys in the playground at school. Perhaps you have seen adults playing with them.

These sensory toys have risen in popularity throughout the pandemic as parents sought more ways to engage their children and provide a brain tool. These are sold in many shops and at various price points, so they make an ideal step into sensory toys.

However, tangles are not just used for fun. They can help elevate anxiety and depression in children with special needs and help increase fine motor skills. The design of these toys allows you to bend and twist the puzzle into various shapes. After that, it's just continuous motion.

The colourful display of textures and movements is excellent for keeping your child distracted from their environment. As kids on the spectrum can become overwhelmed by their surroundings, a tangle jr can help provide an entertaining distraction. 

Explore the World of Tangle Creations

Now, if you want to learn more about tangle creations and treat your child to a new present at an affordable price, then this section has you covered.

We have many of these items in stock, just search our website and find a fidget at the right price for your needs.

Here is a list of the best tangle toys in Australia. 

Tangle Jr. Metallic

This impressive tangle toy can extend to 7 inches, so there are plenty of shapes to be created with this device. You can also find this toy in a range of six colours. 

As this tangle jr is metallic, it also gives off a shiny appearance which is great for captivating the attention of young eyes. Your child will be kept busy for hours with this toy! 

Luckily, you can buy the Tangle Jr in Australia at Sensory Assist at a great price. 

Tangle Pets - Aquatic Series

Is your little one obsessed with animals and loves the sea? Then this Tangle Pets collection of toys is perfect for them to play with. 

There are various pets to choose from in the aquatic series, such as: 

  • Turtle 
  • Stingray
  • Narwhal
  • Octopus
  • Dolphin
  • Crab

Your child can pick their favourite animal and have it as a sensory toy! There are many related products and categories they can choose from. 

The best thing about these tangle toys is that they can be used in water and on land. A toy like this is excellent for engaging the senses in different environments and encouraging your child to use their fine motor skills. 

Your child can name their pet and take them wherever they go. That way, they won't feel scared or stressed in a new place or a crowded location. 

They are suitable for all ages, in stock and at a great price.

Tangle Therapy

When you have a child, you learn quickly that structure and familiarity are crucial to their development. And, there's nothing more comforting than a tangle toy that you can always keep by your side to twist on demand.

This simple design has powerful calming and stress-relieving effects on children that can help them focus on tasks and make them feel safe. The Tangle Therapy toy is ideal for taking anywhere.

You can pop the tangle toy into your child's backpack and ensure they have something familiar for their day at school when you can't be there. 

Tangle Charms Fidgety Wearables

Charm bracelets are hugely popular amongst children because of their fun and quirky designs. If you want something that looks amazing, then the Tangle Charms Fidgety Wearables should be your next purchase! 

There are lots of different motifs to choose from that will give your child plenty of stimulation throughout the day and at night time. Plus, the charms are made from durable materials that will last for years. 

Tangle Jr. Classic

Sometimes, all you need in a sensory desktop toy is a classic design, a bit of a twist and a great price. However, if you want to keep things simple, the Tangle Jr. Classic is great for parents looking to give their children an engaging toy to play with. 

The smooth yet hard texture is captivating and will be fantastic for restless little hands. You can't go wrong with this classic option. 

Benefits of Fidget Toys

Cosmic Art Toy

It's understandable if you want to learn more about the benefits of tangle creations before placing an order, so here are some of the key advantages of these toys over other choices on the market. 

Firstly, they allow your child to focus more and improve their concentration. For children on the spectrum, going to school can feel like a daunting space with lots of stimulus and background noise. So, giving them a tangle toy they can focus on will help them in the classroom and make stressful days more enjoyable. 

Fine Motor Skills

Secondly, tangle toys can reduce anxiety and depression. As already stated, hundreds of children are diagnosed with these conditions yearly. So if your child struggles with low feelings, this could be a great tool. 

Thirdly, it keeps them distracted from stressful situations around them. All they have to do is pull out their tangle toy and create some fun shapes! 

It's not just a toy!

Get Your Next Tangle Toy Target Today

At Sensory Assist, you can buy a tangle jr from our fabulous stimulating product collection. However, we know some sensory toys can be dull, so we sell Tangle Creations. 

There's nothing better than taking an underwater trip with your aquatic friend or playing with your fidget charms when you're a child and want to escape into your imagination...

That's why your child needs a tangle fidget toy. It will provide them comfort, as well as an adventure! 

Look at our website and reach out if you have any questions. 

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